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Preschool Staff

2-Year Old Class Room 105 - Kailey Brace & Nicole Wallace

Kailey Brace has been with VCA since 2004. Her favorite thing about working with preschoolers is the joy it brings to a child as they navigate their way through their first year of preschool. Outside of preschool, she enjoys watching Football and Basketball and getting lost in a good book is always a favorite.
Nicole Wallace has been working at VCA since 2017. Her favorite thing about working with preschoolers is watching how their creativity and interests develop and grow daily. She finds it fascinating to talk and interact with them and learning about their interests. On her free time, Nicole enjoys reading, doing art, gardening, and helping family and playing board games with friends.

3-Year Old Class Room 106 - Sharon Baker & Sage Rong
Sharon Baker has been at VCA since 2014, she has an A.S in child development. One of her favorite things about working with preschoolers is seeing the development they make in the year she has them in her class. Playing with them and watching how their imagination works is one of her favorite things. In her free time, she enjoys going on hikes, flying trapeze and skydiving. She loves all animals and meeting new kids in preschool always makes her day. She is also currently our preschool supervisor. 

Sage Rong is a Jesus loving Christian raised by two parents who came from nothing and instilled a work hard attitude in their kids. She has been with VCA as an employee for almost 6 years as a preschool teacher and was also a student K-8th. While working full time she has garnered over 33 credits in early childhood education alone among other subjects. Sage takes pride in the fact that she gets to show her students the love of Jesus every day. She enjoys camping, off-roading, and vacationing with friends at her family property on Atlas Peak. Her favorite thing about VCA is how it is a place where the students see Jesus daily in their teachers, classrooms, and peers. Her favorite Bible verse is Ester 4:14 Perhaps you were created for such a time as this.

3-Year Old Class Room 107 - Bev McCard & Nicolette Dunagan
Bev McCard has been with VCA since 2015. One of her favorite things about working with preschoolers is listening to their conversation with each other while they are playing. She enjoys creating art, learning in science, and doing many other activities with them. Preschoolers have wonderful imaginations. When she is not with preschoolers at VCA, Miss Bev enjoys playing with her grandchildren at home, spending time with family and friends and her cat. Bev and her husband enjoy eating at the many restaurants this valley has to offer and relaxing at the beach, the ocean and being out in nature are her happy place.  
Nicolette Dunagan has been at VCA since 2014. What she enjoys the most with preschoolers is doing art projects with the as well as playing, singing and dancing during circle time. Some of her favorite things to do on her free time are cooking at home and with friends, traveling to visit family and friends and watching Disney movies and traveling to Disney land.

Pre-K Room 108 - Maya Horvathova & Teena Hoelle
Maya Horvathova joined VCA as a Preschool teacher in 2012. She then moved on to teach her favorite subject to the older grades and taught P.E. for a few years in Elementary and Middle school. Maya returned to teach in Preschool in 2022. One of her favorite things about working with the VCA preschoolers is seeing their personalities grow and watching them become independent. She really enjoys teaching them handwriting and letter recognition. Maya and her husband have two children, their daughter Leigh, and their son Endre, are both VCA alumni.  On her free time, she looks forward to spending time with them, working out together, going out for lunch, shopping, and enjoying a good movie together.

Teena Hoelle joined VCA in 2008 as a sub, and in 2009 became part of the preschool staff. Some of her favorite things about working with preschoolers is teaching them new subjects, from art projects to writing letters and reading books during circle time. Teaching them how to communicate better with their friends and watching their faces light up when they can do things by themselves makes her day. But is their beautiful smiles and hugs throughout the day that fills her heart.

On her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, cooking and trying out new recipes and spending time with her family. She is an avid golfer and enjoys traveling and going out to restaurants with her husband.

Pre-K - Room 109 - Kayla Knight & Sheena Daquioag
Kayla Knight joined our Pre-K teaching team in 2022.  Her favorite part about teaching preschool is when students have that “light bulb” moment, and everything clicks.  In her free time, Miss Kayla loves spending time with her family and going to Lake Tahoe!

Sheena Daquioag has been with VCA since 2000.  She is part of the PreK teaching team in Rm 108.  She has also been part of the Preschool teaching team too!!!
She has a BA in Liberal Studies/Teacher’s Education, a A.S Degree in Child Family Studies, A.A Degree in Social Behavioral and Science, and a Associate teacher permit.
She has a very beautiful and amazing family: a mom and 2 sisters plus a brother in law, a nephew, and 3 dogs!!! Her interests are spending time with her family and friends, watching a good movie, good food, and making things glittery and sparkly.
Her biggest interest is working out!!!  She is a 4x 1st place Submaster powerlifter in her 90kg weight class.  In March 2023, her title will change to Master!!!  She will b
e competing in July of this year.  She is a TRX Suspension Certified trainer and ExtremeHIITChaos coach. Her favorite thing about VCA is how loving and supportive the community is!!! God is working in our hearts and minds 

Preschool Supervisor - Sharon Baker 

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